Friday, February 02, 2007

Merry Groundhog Day!

God Bless the Groundhog.

*happy sigh*


  1. ((bouncing in office chair, clapping and squealing))

    Yay Phil!!!

    ((doing happy spring dance and flashing spring colored undies not too unlike someone I know))

  2. But...but...winter JUST started!

  3. I'm over it. I mean, what's the point of winter if a)you don't have a fireplace b)don't have someone in your bed to say "come closer and keep me warm?" and c)no snow days. F this winter, it bit!

    I'm breaking up with winter.

  4. i donno man, this means i have less than 6 weeks to get skinny from my winter eat-a-thon. i dont' see it happening.

  5. I love Phil, he is the best little furry animal ever (after Tobie of course)!!! DONE with the cold, bring on the warm weather to exercise outside.

    Tricia - u gonna walk with me when it warms up???