Thursday, February 01, 2007

Free Hugs!

First of all, this is friggin awesome.

and second, I immediately thought of my little kegOfSunshine and her ability to squeeze love right into you with her hugs ;)

hey sunshine, let's go do this!

also, thanks to BT for showin me this.

God, this makes me all smiley and weepy.

anyone else get teary? no? yeah me either *cough*


  1. First, awww, thanks Baby!! I want to do this, I will do it with you. OHMIGOSH!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this video!!! My Mom sent it to me and I cried, like sat here at my desk crying hard by myself praying no one called or came in!! It is the best video ever, I am with you on that one. Everyone in the world should watch it, wish I could send it to our President, hee heee, I think he needs a free hug.

  2. Maybe we should start with our fellow carpooler. I think perhaps he needs a hug before he gets into that drivers seat ;)

  3. haaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!