Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Proof that I am on the wrong friggin coast...

So a friend mentioned that Rage Against the Machine was gonna reunite for some concert, and I was all "pffffffft. I'll believe when I see it."

and lo!
Rage Against the Machine will reunite for Cochella
[cue the angels singing]

(I'm also a day late on this but hey. I was snowed in! heh)

But. Guess where that is? Califrickinfornia!

man. *pout*

well there's bound to be some CD's cut from it and BELIEVE YOU ME they will end up in my hot little hands.

I hope anyway.

oh!oh! there will be a DVD!


though, hey! I dont see RATM in the "performers include" list. wtf?!

wow, check that lineup. Hey uhhh... anyone wanna go to Cali?


I'm only half kidding.

P.S. I do so enjoy incomplete sentences.


  1. Who????

    Hee heeeee

    Maybe I will ask my daughter tonight, even funnier, right?!

  2. Adam's sister got into the VIP area of Cochella a few years ago. That's where she met the Killers and began sort of dating one of the members of the band AND their manager.

    Quite the scene, I hear . . .

  3. Anonymous7:42 PM