Friday, January 12, 2007


Each and every single day I keep my eyes peeled for something funny to happen...something BLOGWORTHY. So far I've got nothin'. I feel like I should be posting though cuz MY PUBLIC IS WAITING WITH BATED BREATH for a new post!

no really ;)

Which is completely amusing to me cuz I know like *counts on fingers* eight ... er nine! NINE WHOLE PEOPLE WHO READ MY BLOG.

I also know every single person in real life! ohhhhhhhhhhh wait! TWELVE! holy shit dude im a supahstah! DOUBLE DIGITS!

ahem. anyway what was my point.

oh wait I didnt have one. See, this here is like a Seinfeld episode because it is a post about nothing and is funny! OK so only half like a Seinfeld episode (meanie).

I will say that I am digging El Nino, even though its ruining the planet and blah blah blah...its friggin WARM and I LIKES IT. I found myself grumbling under my breath the other day when I had to *gasp* scrape my window one morning.

Hello Trish, its Winter!

I think my problem is that I didn't grow up with snow (south texas...not so much with the white stuff being ya know, in the southern tip of the country and all) and therefore snow scares the ever-loving shit out of me.

I dunno what to do! How do I drive in it! What about walking! and WHAT--god forbid I should ever get stuck somewheres--do I do to get myself like... unstuck! Do I roll the car back and forth or like press down on the gas and bury myself deeper. what! WHAT! WHHHHAAAT! Tell me what to do! I dunno!

Also. Also! ALSO! What about when you get into a spin--im told you are supposed to turn the wheel the opposite way and let off the gas but dont brake. WTF IS THAT ABOUT. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER THAT? I dunno what my knee-jerk reaction would be to that situation anyway cuz it hasnt happened yet (knock on wood), but I'm fairly certain it wouldn't be THAT.

I am an excellent driver.

Anyway, so my theory is this: had I grown up in snow, this wouldn't be so foreign to me. But I have TRACTION CONTROL so I got nothin' to worry about right? RIGHT?! Right.

Though maybe that theory is a bunch of crap cuz surely SOMEONE in NOVA was brought up in some snowy part of the country. Yet theres a plethora (I did NOT have to look that one up, tyvm!) of accidents on snowy days and serious traffic cuz people are stupid. and also, probably just as scared shitless as I. This is why I try to stay home, or let someone else drive on these days.

You are welcome.

oh...P.S. OH NO! :( Have I mentioned I love Mr. Timberlake? And have since his boyband days. and IM PROUD OF IT! Wait shshshshs use your inside voice! People can hear you! heh.

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