Monday, January 15, 2007

oh look! a story about the grocery store!


shush ;)

So I went to the grocery store on Saturday afternoon, I had a list and duh, I bought shit.

Here's the funny part.

So I am in line, piling all my stuff onto the conveyor belt making sure everything is in its proper category:

Refrigerated Items
Boxed Stuff

It's a brilliant system, you should try it.

Anyway! So this couple comes up behind me and the conversation goes something like:

Girl: This is the only open regular lane...we could go over there to the self-checkout?

Dude: Nah, we have a lot of stuff and knowing us something will go screwy and we will have to wait and *sigh* no lets stay here.

[This is where I feel eyes staring at the back of my head] I look up and smile cuz "WHAT THE FUCCCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT PEOPLE."

The dude looks at his cart which is just as full as mine and starts to get twitchy. He cranes his neck to see the progress in the self-checkout lanes.

I continue putting my stuff on the belt (YAH. I BOUGHT LOTS).

He comes scurrying back.

Dude: Let's go over there, its open.

Girl: hooonnnneeey noooooooooooooooooooooo. Look! the light is blinking! We will have to wait forever. Plus! we have produce! How do we ring that up?

Dude: You just put it on the scale and choose crap on the monitor (he's in IT I bet).
[and then he begins to tell this story about how he went to "Wally World" to get "TORE TILLAS" and he bought 1 of something but it said he bought 2 and he couldnt figure out how to take it back so he flipped the switched for assistance and he waited forever so he went over to another line and checked out and left]

Girl: *blink* What's that got to do with anything?


Dude: Oh. Uh... nothin' Hey cmon let's go over there.

Girl: honnneeeey noooooooooooo cmon lets just stay here.

Dude: Cmon!

I look up and give her one of those "I feel your pain sister" smiles and she gives me one of those "ugggggghhhh men" smiles and sighs and off she went.

So I checkout and put the crap in the car. I'm driving down the parking lot and who do I see coming out of the grocery store?

The dude and the girl.

She kicked him and pointed at me and I just smiled.

I feel your pain sister, I feel ya.


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