Friday, March 24, 2006

Titles are stupid

only cuz I can't think of one...

So yesterday, I'm at a red light, completely stopped. I look in my rear-view mirror to see this SUV barreling towards me. I keep staring and think to myself "uhh, slowing down now would be great!" As the SUV gets closer and closer and still going awfully fast, I notice the driver is a woman (don't get me started) and she isn't. even. looking. She has her head turned and was (I guess) digging around for something in her passenger seat. Meanwhile, I push on my brake harder hoping that will help something. She finally looked up and stopped.Phew. and, Jesus Christ Lady!

side note: whats with the pushing on my brake harder? As if that's gonna do anything? I also, duck and/or flinch when something is flying through the air towards my car while driving. I'm not the only one, right? RIGHT?!?!

Anyway, fast forward to me being in the checkout line at the grocery store, putting all my stuff on the conveyor belt (or whatever it's called). This lady goes to the line next to me and the cashier informs her that the line is express, as I guess he saw that she had more than 15 items.

BTW, wooohoo cashier! Way to enforce those rules! I hate being in the express lane with people that have way more than 15 items and the cashier never says anything. (Nor do I, but I have no spine.)

Anyway, so she moves over to my line and she takes a look at the conveyor belt and my cart, which is still pretty full of stuff, and she sighs and yells to the cashier who busted her, "Well, can you open another regular lane then?!?! Why do you have only one regular lane open!?!?!" She continues to mumble to herself and glare at me. WTF? What's with the growing population of rude around here? How is this my fault? In a hurry? Great, don't buy so much and then you can go through the express lane. Don't glare at me bit. . . yeah I didn't say anything. Just smiled and went on my way (as she literally taps her foot behind me).

Then I get home and unpack, and realize I am missing a key ingredient for the meal I am going to be making tonight (sonofa!). So I go back out and head to the other grocery store in hopes of finding what I needed. I did. And then stood in the express line FOREVER. I checked to make sure everyone had the requisite 15 items or fewer and they did (I only had 2). No, this was the cashiers fault. Ugh, talk about moving in slow motion!

This very young goth couple was in front of the guy in front of me (you get that?) and they were buying a family size can of chef boyardee's spaghetti and meatballs and two large gatorades (healthy, no?). The goth dude hands the cashier a $50 bill, and the cashier types something in, turns to the cash drawer and freezes. He flips the switch on his cashier stand and the light begins to blink to let someone know he needs help. The manager walks up and the cashier says "I rang in $20 but he gave me $50." She looks at him for a second and goes "ooookay, so just add $30 to his change." He blinks and looks at her all deer-in-the-headlight-like and says after the hamsters do their thing in his brain "OK, so I give him back twe...thirty-eight dollars and 42 cents?" She nods and continues with the "are you fricking kidding me?" look. So he opens the drawer and announces that he needs fives. So the manager says "K, gimme the $50, and I will get you fives." He hands it to her and she returns moments later with fives.

On to the next customer (dude in front of me). He swipes his card and announces that he wants $50 (ugh don't make this complicated, man!). The cashier looks blankly at him for a sec and then types in whatever and the cash drawer opens (phew). He then begins to dig in his $20 pile for what I can only assume was that $50 he just had. The dude in front of me notices too and says "hey, just gimme two 20's and a 10." The cashier turns and looks at him again, blankly. Turns back to the cash drawer and gets the increments out. He hands it to the guy and continues to dig in the 20 pile for that damn $50. geez. And then the dude in front of me patiently waits while the cashier folds his coupons spewed out of the register all nice and neat. The guy does that "come on, hand it over" motion with his hand but the cashier continues to meticulously fold. HOLY CRAP KID! I look over at the self-checkout. *sigh* long line.

Then its my turn. I pay with $1 bills and I'm outta there.

all I gotta say to that is...OUTOESDIFJ)W#$*(YT)(*#$&%)@(#*%)#(%&)@.


  1. you should take pictures and the entertainment would be complete, for me

  2. I can't tell if that's sarcasm or not. If the heck do you do the picture thing?!?! I can't get that "hello" crap to work.

    Now I feel like an idiot for admitting that. Thanks a lot ;)

  3. i wasn't being sarcastic but you're not going to believe that anyway =D

    whaddaya mean how do you do the picture thing? you get a Canon. or Nikon. but no, Canon's best.

  4. no goofy, i mean how do i get the pictures on this thing? I cant figger out how to upload 'em.

    P.S. I believe you ;)

  5. I think I had the same kid the night before, it was insane.

    Also, I am one of those that gets in the line when I have a few over, opps, but I always talk and smile at everyone and I am not sure if people even notice.

    I duck when things are coming at the wondow too, why do we do that, I think our brains just enforce it w/o us even thinking like the whole blinking when something is coming at you and you don't even realized what just happened.