Monday, March 13, 2006

It's 8:45 and my a$$ is asleep already. . .

Working the 6am-3pm shift does have its perks--like leaving for home at 3pm. But the fact that I've been sitting at my desk since 6am is definitely not a perk, and because I haven't gotten up but once to put my lunch in the freezer, my rear is taking a nap. Which would be fine, if the rest of me was too.

Ah I can't complain too much (or can I?), though hearing my alarm at 4:30am does suck on so many levels but getting home at 3am is like working half-day like every day...only...not. And getting up at 5 (*cough* yeah, I am a serious snooze button fiend) also means that I have go to bed at te...yeah 10pm which never happens. I blame me wanting to spend time with the boyfriend and wanting to see my tv shows when they come ON not days later on TIVO...I hate hate HATE hearing what happened on a show the morning after and I havent even WATCHED it yet. Damn you HOT 99.5...grrr.

Anyway so long about 11pm when the boyfriend and I are both in bed and I realize what friggin time it is and I do the math in my head "So if I go to bed now, I'll get fii..yeah five and a half hours of sleep...awesome. Crap, and thats like if I am asleep NOW which, Im obviously not."

...And then I do this really shitty thing and I start getting pissed boyfriend. Why? Cuz he is still watching T.V. and DOESNT HE KNOW WHEN I HAVE TO GET UP. The guy works from home most days so I'll admit I am a smidge very jealous. And, yes, I am aware that it's so not fair of me to get mad at him. But I do, and ugh I suck.

Since before we moved in together I have come to the realization that I have picked up some nasty habits from my being evil and mean and heartless while in an argument.

somebody make it stop. I dont like it! I try to control it, but before I know what happened it all flies right out of my mouth. ugh. must work on this before I go all guilt-ridden-ballistic. I'm sorry baby :( .

On a happier note, I've got 3 hours of Monday under my belt already ;)

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  1. Your early mornings hurt me and make me hold my coffee mug close to my heart. I'm sorry for the early morning suffering but lucky for you about 3PM leave time. :-)

    "I have picked up some nasty habits from my being evil and mean and heartless while in an argument." Ouchies. Yoga? Meditation? Walk away? Or do what I do... drink. ha! I'm so much nicer if I have nice red wine under my belt... well, in my tummy that is. Mmmm. Cheers!