Thursday, March 16, 2006

Holy Inflexibility Batman!

Alright so I didn't go to the gym...BUT I did do yoga for an hour. That counts, right? It better cuz man Im sore in the weirdest places today.

You ever see that movie (or was it a tv episode?) where the football players have to take ballet or something similar and they are all awkward and uncoordinated? Yeah, thats me.

I dunno what happened. In my "younger" days I used to be totally flexible. I could do both left and right splits in high school (never could quite get the middle ouchy one) when I was in the pep-squad (yes, loserville population 1).

Throughout all the poses I was like shaking and holding my breath and the chick (I was doing a DVD) kept saying to expand your ribcage and breathe to the back of your spine and all I could think was "SHUT UP ALREADY and say we can get out of the pose now." Yeah, Namaste this bit. . . ahem.

Anyway, heh. . .

The self-challenge says yoga counts, so there. Speaking of the self-challenge, I was updating my profile this morning cuz I figured losing 6lbs might mean Ive lost some inches somewheres. Well I do this superduperscientific thing where I take my headphone wire and wrap it around whatever I'm measuring (waist, hips, etc.) and then I lay the wire on my desk and put a mark on my desk. I then whip out my trusty 12 in. ruler and measure. According to my calculations, I have dropped 1.5 inches from my waist and everywhere else is the same (well thats not actually true, my measurements were like .5 inches larger than original measurements everywhere else so Im gonna ignore that). I wonder what my measurements really are?

I'd like to say that I don't care about the numbers and just want my clothes to fit better and feel better in my skin, but my clothes are looser (especially my pants!)--so I wanna know what i've lost. Is that so wrong?

It could be bad if I get obsessive though, huh.

At work a couple of days ago, we had the "stress awareness fair" which I look forward to every year cuz we get 15 min massages. ahhhh, love them. The Massuese kept saying "You really shouldnt be feeling this much pain, Im barely touching you" and kept trying to sell me on going to a chiropractor. She works for a chiropractor and I started to wonder if she gets some kind of commission or something cuz man she was pushing hard for it, and it was working cuz I was really considering it. There was one point where she was doing something to my shoulder blades and my fingers were all tingly--after I said something she really started pushing me to go to the chiropractor. I have no idea how long my actual massage was. All I know is, my appt was for 11:00 and I got back to my desk at 11:45. Sure, I had to wait a few for others to get done but it didnt really feel like I waited all that long. Either way, I felt so good after.

Today though, with the soreness from the cardio on Tuesday, the Yoga yesterday and the massage, my body is so incredibly stiff and achy. Hope I still make it to the gym.

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  1. I am so proud of you!!! You are doing wonderful and like I said before I can really see it!!! Keep it up and keep on going!!!

    What's funny is.... when I massage you, no complaints, but Robin said too that she was doing serious deep massages, I am glad I got the other lady. I was in there for 30 minutes too.