Monday, February 04, 2008

In a Rut.

You ever notice how I make a declaration on here and there's a couple of updates regarding my progress and then it sorta disappears?

I'll give you two guesses what that means.

It means I lack follow-through and willpower and perseverance. The force of lazy and general suck is strong with me. I admit it openly and outwardly.

I have yet to go back to the gym. I smoke every so often. I have not lost a single pound. I have not purchased new jeans (did buy a belt though!). My water intake lacks in quantity and my vitamin intake is null.

I have two friends dear to my heart who made a pact with me in which we would workout, eat right, run a marathon (HA) and get hot and skinny and go to beach with no shame. We even discussed perhaps the carribbean and the like.

We promised to check in on each other and pester pester pester and motivate motivate motivate!

Thus far, I'm the only one who hasnt "womaned up", as it were.

I get emails from these two almost on a daily basis and seriously ladies, I cannot thank you enough for the persistence. Please do not stop.

I will admit, there is a gigantor part of me that wants to blame the bit of drama life has handed me in the last week or so, or the large quantities of work I have been doing or ....I DUNNO THE SUN SHINING. SOMETHING. I WANT TO BLAME SOMETHING.

I hit reply to these messages and begin to type the reason du jour, and then I find myself getting PISSED OFF. My heart starts to beat a little faster and my teeth start to grind because I know. deep down. There is no suitable excuse. I hit backspace and type "I KNOW. theres no acceptable excuses." Because, jesus christ Tricia. How hard is it to jump around to a workout tape for 30-45 minutes. I mean really.

I have every intention of working out. I set my alarm every night so that I will wake-up and have enough time to work out prior to logging in to work. And then I stay up til god knows when tossing and turning and thinking about this or that PLEASE SHUTUP BRAIN I NEED SLEEP. NO. SHUTUP. SERIOUSLY.

So my alarm goes off and I either hit snooze for the next however long, or I reset my alarm to wake up 20 minutes before I have to log in to work. And even then, I have to pry myself from the comfy clutches of my bed.

I love how I cant sleep all night but the morning. the morning is when i suddenly have no issue.

Oh look, an excuse! Excuse me while I FALL OVER IN UDDER SHOCK.

I get up and shower. vow to workout after work.

and then I .... ugh working out after work, its just not happening. who am i kidding?

and round and round we go.

I made brownies after dinner tonight. Ha Ha. I rule at this.

Guess I will try again tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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  1. I love you, you can DO IT!!!!!!!!! I promise you, promise, as soon as you can get a few days in you will feel so different that you will do whatever you have to and make sure you get your work out on. MAKE TIME!!!! and even if you are lazy or tired, do it anyway, once you start, you will get in to it!!!! When you come up next week, you WILL work out with me, so plan for it sista!!!!!!!!! 7pm mon and wed!!! PLAN IT NOW!!! and Tue and Thur we can go earlier, ok!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT!!! then when you go home, uh huh, you will be roped in and continue!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! As for the smoking, well, I love it!!!!!!!!!! :)