Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Engine Engine Number Nine

Ya know, not much happens when you work from home. Nothing blog-worthy anyway. Though I am sure some would argue that most of my past topics weren't blog-worthy either. But I ignore them. Or apply duck tape to their mouths.


A friend of ours swooped into town this past weekend with her usual mix of big smiles, mass amounts of wit, and lots of laughs. I love her to pieces. Please come more often m'kay? We gots room yo!


BF went to the grocery store for me this week. NO. SHIT. *fist pump*


Ass: Still Fat
Jeans: Still Falling--even with belt
Water Consumption: Inconsistent
Vitamin Intake: Inconsistent
Gym Visits: !!!!!!INCONSISTENT MOTHER OF HELL!!!!!!!!
Pounds Lost: still need a scale.
Wall Staring: Surplus. Mad Surplus
Smoking: Smoked Saturday evening *sigh* Margaritas were involved. I'm weak.
Bon Jovi: Still in car. Meaningful pointing continues.

And you guys? How are ya'll doin?


  1. my list looks like yours cept I can't smoke and i hate you for having that right.

  2. yeah well, i hate you for not having that right and therefore a successful non-smoker.

    SO HA.