Monday, February 11, 2008

Sounds of Basketball

In recent years, my mom has become a serious basketball fan. More specifically, a die-hard San Antonio Spurs fan. My brothers and I are highly amused about this for two reasons:

1. When we lived in San Antonio she could've cared less.
2. Watching her watch a game is so much fun. Hell, even listening to her while in another room is downright entertaining.

She sits on the edge of her seat with one leg folded under her. She sits straight up and rocks forward and stretches her neck when the ball is in the air. If it's the opposing team shooting, "NOOOOO! MISS IT! MISS IT! MISS IT! MISS IT!" If they make it, "AWWWW!" and slouches in defeat. If they miss it, as she requested, "WAY TO GO!", complete with fist pump (so THAT'S where I get it from!)

Sometimes in unison with my dad.

If the Spurs are shooting, "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" Should they miss, "C'MON [player's first name--you know, cuz they are so tight]!" If they make it, "WAY TO GO!" and then immediately turns to my dad, and says, "three pointer?" he says, "no, two."

They then watch TV for an hour or so to "settle down" It's constant yelling at the tv, mostly from my mom. Which is quite different from what used to be the norm: my dad furiously yelling at the tv (he tends to uhh, pick lack-luster teams), while my mom occupied herself otherwise. It's nice that he now has a partner to watch one of his favorite sports with. Hearing her yell and clap and get so excited makes me smile.

I hope that when I am married for 42 years (I think? Math hurts my teeny brain), I will have that with BF too.

[Edited to Add] It's 48, not 42. I knew that looked wrong.

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