Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lazy: 1234234532523523523523, Tricia:1

Seriously. I done worked out tonight!

Try not to faint, I know it is hard.

Between the email banter from my two girls back and forth today and a discussion with Cluss this morning, these women gave me the strength (and the guilt, thank you KegOfSunshine :P) to go forth and sweat.

After work, I had big plans man. BIG! HUGE!

I was gonna do dishes, scoop some kitty litter, switch out some laundry, then march upstairs and pop my Turbo Jam DVD in and move my flabby ass.

All was going well until I entered my living room (which, mind you, is FIVE steps from my office)... and the couch called to me. No seriously! It said "Tricia, come sit with me. I'm so lonely without you. wooooooooooeeeeeee."

... ok so, too much?

Anyway, I gave in and cuddled up with the blanket (I'm always cold after work, don't ask me why) and turned on the TV. The minute I settled in, guilt washed over me, and I thought to myself "Ok dude, but only for 30 minutes."

I watched the clock more than I watched whatever it was that was on TV. When it was 5 minutes 'til, I decided to ignore the clock and focus on what I was watching and get warm. The chime on our clock sang its little song, and i sat.

2 minutes later, I had just about convinced myself that tomorrow! totally tomorrow! I'll do it.

and then I heard kegOfSunshine in my head telling me she was going to call me tonight and check to see if I had worked out like I promised. I contemplated lying, and then immediately realized that even if i could lie to her (which I cant), I would feel so very very guilty.

And apparently the feeling of guilt is a motivator!

I kicked off the blanket, skipped the chores, and marched my lazy ass upstairs. Changed Clothes and worked out.


And then I came down, did my chores like a good girl, and made dinner. Let's not discuss what I ate for dinner though. BABY STEPS PEOPLE.

And I STILL had time to stare at the wall tonight. Imagine that.

I took my vitamin this morning (check) and I had 4 24oz bottles of water today. I plan on having 1 or two more (check check check!).

I have had to pee A LOT today. In fact, Ive had so much water to drink today that I pooped water. No lie.

You're welcome.


  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you!!!! I was laying in my bed last night after we hung up thinking, how LUCKY are we to have such great people around us to keep us going and motivated to be HEALTHY!!!!!!!! we are very blessed!!! So how you feelin today? INCREDIBLE and ENERGIZED? ready to do it again???

    gonna send you that link

  2. Do you feel good today?? Can feel the difference in your energy??

    Today don't do the whole "Well I worked out yesterday, I don't need to do anything" Go for a short walk after work if you don't want to do your tape. Keep the momentum going.

    Now you need to do this for yourself and not the guilt from us! But we will keep up the guilt for a little while if it helps :)

  3. I do feel a difference. I feel less like a balloon inflated to its maximum capacity. Which is indeed a nice feeling.

    Last night after my workout, I felt the after affects on my knee. Which. OF COURSE I'D INJURE MYSELF RIGHT AWAY. OF COURSE. So, I took a hot bath and got all pruned up. I woke up later than I had planned this morning, with no knee problems. I worked out and didn't let myself make excuses about time.

    I WIN!

    Yes, keep up the guilt for at least another week or two until I get into a routine.

    Thank you ladies ;)


  4. affects? effects?

    No wonder I was a art major. Lordy.

  5. Your knee might be a little sore, but in the it will make it so much stronger!

    You and I need to focus on the exercise for a week or so and then dive into that diet thing. We have to catch up to skinny Harmony!! But in the meantime it's Olive Garden for dinner for me :)

  6. I like how you think lady ;)

    Also, mmmmmmmmmmmm olive garden. That sounds delish!

  7. Third time's a charm.

    Now then, what I commented before went a lil something like this:

    YAY!!!! I'm so excited that you found that kegofsunshine inspired motivation that got you to act on your personal goals! I'm right there with you, totally serious here. I think just in IMing w/you earlier yesterday, I was able to add to my own enthusiasm of charging on with my goals.

    me (and my bladder) are right there w/ya and so amped to hear your boost of motivation came through.

    Did this work?

  8. Roger, Roger, 10-4, can hear you loud and clear!

    We can totally do this man! Woot!

  9. you.pooped.water. EWWWWW
    otherwise, SERIOUS CONGRATS!