Friday, June 30, 2006

Of Fireflies and snowflakes. . .

Last night I went outside before bed--yes damnit, to smoke--and I noticed this little light show I was witnessing. I was standing out on the deck facing the little forest behind our house and these little neon green twinkles would emerge every so often. Like a lot of them! It was one of those moments where you stop and notice nature and are suddenly really greatful to be alive and witnessing all its miracles.

I remember my first summer in Virginia--(kicking and screaming--and yes! more on that later, I swear). I had already met the feller that I am still with today *swoon*, I got over myself and the kicking and screaming. . .

cuz really, you can only act like a spoiled brat for so long before you realize that you are being a freaking spoiled brat and cease the retarded act with a quickness. I have a sneaky suspicion the sudden change of heart was directly related to meeting the bf, hehe ;) --but seriously! more on that later!

. . . and started to accept my new home. One sticky summer evening, my mom called me into the kitchen with such an urgency in her voice that I didn't even hesitate running to her side. She was peering out the kitchen window. Before I could say anything snotty about the unnecessary urgency she said "just look outside Trishy, just look." So I looked out the window. I kept looking for someone or something that would cause such an urgent beckoning, and then a little twinkle caught my eye! Look! over there! DID YOU SEE THAT?! and then oh! over there too! and oh! look! over there! I caught myself saying this outloud and feeling like I was 5 again, excited and washed over with wonder. We stood there for a long time just watching the fireflies dance around in our backyard and that is one of my fondest memories of my first few months in Virginia.

In the winter, the same exact scenario happened the night of the first snowfall of the season. Being from Texas, I hadn't seen actual snow since I was in 3rd grade.

--THE PART WHERE I FLASHBACK TO THIRD GRADE: They shut down our school. My dad came to get me and my friend (we lived across the street from the elementary school). I remember slipping in the crosswalk (no shock there) while holding my Dad's hand as we (attempted) to cross the street to our apartment complex. I remember playing in the snow and how the snow seeped into my knit gloves (cuz, WHY would you need water resistant gloves in Texas?). I remember how much the snow hurt my fingers because it was so cold.

I remember it all melting later that day, and being so disappointed to see my new friend go so quickly.


I remember rushing over to the window again, certain there was going to be no fireflies at this time of the year. I stopped mid-stride halfway to the window and saw snowflakes! Real live snowflakes! My mom and I smiled at each other and giggled and hurried to put on our shoes on and coats over our pajamas. We went out on the deck, I watched my mom stick her arms out, palms up, face to the sky....

and then she stuck her tongue out with a big grin on her face.

I remember thinking I was seeing, if just for a moment, what she was like when she was a young girl. I mimicked her and we began twirling in circles on the deck, giggling and smiling. And then I noticed my Dad looking at us through the window, shaking his head "damn southeners" is what I imagine him thinking (he grew up in New York and is no stranger to the white stuff).

Anyway, now that I have been here for 10 years, each time I encounter the fireflies or the snowflakes it stops me dead in my tracks and makes me smile and think just how lucky I am. and how I should really call me mom and tell her I love her and how she made life that much more memorable. :P


  1. I do the same thing with my daughters', as my Mom did with me and your with you. I want then to have moments like that and appreciate all that is good and effortless like watching the sunrise/set, fireflies, and of course snow!!! :) We watched lightening bugs(as we call them) the other night for about 10 minutes, then the kids couldn't resist it anymore and went to chase them.

  2. hahah i just reread my first paragraph...

    ahhh nature *puff*

  3. t1|\/|10:58 AM

    your blogs are ruling pretty hard lately. keep it up! us office dwellers need stuff to read.