Thursday, June 22, 2006

Flashback...the good kind

Fun for Days! Click Me!

My god! This reminds me of that one summer. *happy sigh*


A-HA! and the drawlings! (my name is simon, and I like to do drawlings!)

I miss real MTV. and dont give me that poop about MTV2--it ain't the same I don't care what anybody says.

Adam Ant. heh. my brother, the one I referenced earlier, was Adam Ant for consecutive Halloween's and he ALWAYS won the costume contest. Always. It was always weird for me though to see him wearing make-up. My mom always did his make-up. (tee hee) and my dad would fidget nervously cuz OMG! his son was wearing make-up! The horror! What's next? Pink Polos and an earring?

oops yeah that did come very soon there after, heh. But in a manly way. No! Really! MANLY PINK! MANLY EARRING!

anyway. check out the videos, ill stop mumbling over here.

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