Tuesday, June 13, 2006

100 things about me. . .

While trolling (who, me?!?!) I've noticed that many a-blogger have done this 100 things about me...uh thing so I thought I'd give it a go.

1. My mom calls me "trishy"
2. My brothers call me "lil' bit"
3. I like nicknames, makes me feel cool
4. Most days, I feel so not cool.
5. I have small feet.
6. I was once asked in high school how I stay standing upright with the small feet.
7. I hated high school.
8. I can't quit smoking. No really I've tried.
9. Like 039203982039428 million times.
10. Im sure I will keep trying, cuz, I mean what else is there to do.
11. All my life, I have always wanted a kitten. (to hug and squeeze and love and name him george!)
12. I have a kitten, her name is maddy. oh and another kitty, named Blackberry.
13. close!
14. I love music.
15. I have an obscene number of cd's
16. I buy cd's whenever I get the chance.
17. must.get.more. *twitch*
18. hey so I do have a hobby, how bout that.
19. I've worked at the same place since I was 19.
20. I've lived here in virginia since i was 19.
21. I grew up in Texas.
22. I heart Texas.
23. I hate snow.
24. I fall...like a lot.
25. I have a fear of falling down stairs ever since I was carrying laundry down and fell and sprained my ankle.
26. I also sprained my ankle while walking to the ATM outside my office building.
27. Graceful, I am not.
28. Nor coordinated, apparently.
29. I went to Four colleges and had FOUR majors
30. I suck at making good decisions.
31. It took me EIGHT years to finish my bachelors degree.
32. hang on, im still digesting #31 -- jesus effing christ!
33. Way way WAY deep down, I think I am pretty.
34. When I walk by a reflective surface, I look fast so people dont think I am vain.
35. I cant be vain though, seriously.
36. I break the rules at work most days (hey, isnt it work time now?), and do not wear pantyhose. I know, rebel!
37. I have a very bad temper. very.
38. I am mean and evil in an argument. you WILL get your feelings hurt.
39. I am satan's spawn when angry.
40. I hate that about myself.
41. I see myself in my mother almost every time I see her. and that scares me to death.
42. I also see myself in my father too. gah!
43. I wish I took more pictures of me and my friends.
44. I have 5 pictures of the bf and I --- over the course of 10 years.
45. yes. i do own a camera.
46. and no, obviously I dont use it.
47. hah im cheating arent i
48. im part spanish and part german with some irish thrown in there for fun.
49. depending on what i am doing and who i am around determines which part of me i flaunt.
53. heh.
54. I see my nephew very rarely. and he lives 5 minutes from my office.
55. Im an awful aunt.
56. his mother sucks though. big time.
57. im now looking around for things.
58. i have my very own REAL coach purse. that i bought off e-bay.
59. wheeee im cool now.
60. im in MAD debt. (see #29)
61. I drive a saturn
63. I hate doing the dishes and cleaning bathrooms.
64. I hate how there is never enough time in the day for it all.
65. I drive with my music loud and act all badass.
66. Im totally badass.
67. Yes, I do do (heh doodoo) the thing where I put my windows up if I roll up next to someone cooler. cuz gah. im not badass at all.
68. I wanna be badass.
69. I continuously say "god, I've GOT to clean this purse out!"
70. I clean my purse out maybe once a month and repeat #69 the next day.
71. I have no kids, I am not married. I so want all that.
72. Deep down, I think I am too selfish to have kids.
73. When someone hands me a baby, I freeze up.
74. I think im awfully funny.
75. I love people that make me laugh.
76. I drink very rarely (now).
77. I miss going to bars.
78. Im too old for bars.
79. Im not good enough
80. Im not pretty enough
81. Im not hot enough (or ya know, at all.)
82. I feel inadequate all the time.
83. yet. i rock so hard. hows that work?
84. I live with the guy that I will always love with my entire heart. always.
85. he drives me effing batty! ;)
86. my mom used to sing songs to me and play with my hair.
87. I have never jumped out of a plane, but god I want to one day.
88. I have never left the continental united states.
89. I love the beach, hate bathing suits.
90. The first time I went to the beach, I was 14 (I think). It was corpus christi, riiiiiiight after the oil spill. very nice.
91. baby oil removes tar.
92. I love rollercoasters.
93. I have gone on so many rollercoasters in one day, that in bed that night, I still felt as though I was on one.
94. was also nauseous all night.
95. I like that I am short and fairly teeny, it makes me feel girly. small hands. small feet.
96. ugh small boobs. bleh.
97. I read, but not enough.
98. I love my friends to pieces.
99. I am bad at keeping in touch.
100. my first concert was paula abdul. at sea world. aww yeah. COLD HEARTED SNAKE!



  1. I want to do this too, but it seems like it would take tooo long!! Maybe I will start one in draft mode and work on it. I can't even write all the stuff I want to now!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. where's the pics woman! Cough 'em up!

    btw, im still coming up with more stuff. I could probably do a part 2 i think.

    hmm. is that vain?