Friday, June 16, 2006

Because making lists is fun!

Things I wanna do before I die (eww, morbid):

1. Sky Dive
2. LEAVE THE GODDAMN CONTINENTAL US ... like many times.
3. Walk into a room without thinking "god. please dont look at me, dont look at me"
4. Have a close knit group of very close friends that I have known for decades.
5. Get married (you knew that was coming, come on!)
6. Have kids (come on, seriously)
8. Hike the appalachian trail (and NO not the whole thing, sheesh dont be crazy...I live in reality)
9. Be comfortable in my skin and no longer worried about what others think about me.
10. First impression of me be "wow, she is cool" rather than "fucking snob! who the hell does she think she is!" -- yes, many have told me that later after we became friends. Apparently my shyness comes off as snobby bitchyness. awesome. :( oh wait..didnt I just say #9. oops.
11. stop being so contradictory within myself.
12. stop seeing all the flaws when I look in the mirror
13. stop being so goddamn emotional. my eyes well up with tears over commercials. COMMERCIALS. blah.
14. stop taking everything so personally. its not always about me (wtf? its not?!?!)
15. stop feeling like a poser and be a real person.
16. have more positive than negative things to say about myself
17. move back to texas *heart*
18. see the sistine chapel.
19. see the great wall of china
20. see where the berlin wall was
21. see mount rushmore
22. see the grand canyon
24. go to the gym on a regular basis. and like it.
25. be thin.
26. be more outdoorsy.
27. run a marathon
28. learn to ride a bike (I really dont know if I mean this one really, cuz uhh what 28 year old rides around with training wheels? :D)
29. enjoy turning 30 rather than flipping the hell out.
30. be far less lazy.
31. do volunteer work. (although heh! my mom and I used to volunteer at a homeless shelter for thanksgiving and dish out food -- ok only 2 years but c'mon that counts!)
32. have some kind of positive affect on the world.
33. live each day like its my last
34. learn to roller skate (ha, yeah right! IMA FALL! NOOOO!)
35. not freak out when i see ice on the ground
36. erase the introvert.
37. think of the beach and go "ahhhh" instead of "ewww bathing suit!"
38. take an art class cuz i wanna and love it instead of worrying about how I am not good enough
39. get my masters degree (ha *gulp*)
40. win an award for something (or hell, MANY things!) I designed.
41. enter a design contest. cuz really #40 wont happen unless i do, no?
42. follow a skin-care regimen for longer than a week.
44. take better care of myself.
45. go to france (oui!)
46. stop blaming others when its really my own damn fault.
47. Ride a motorcycle (even riding on the back of one scares the crap out of me)
48. stop being so goddamn scared of everything.
49. go whale watching. sea world really didnt cut it for me. OR the voyage of the mimi (ha! remember that?)
50. wear a bikini and know I look good.
51. walk around in heels and not be all "OMG am I walking funny? am I?"
52. Go to Germany during Oktoberfest. YAY BEER!
53. Go home for Fiesta week. YAY BEER!
54. See Ireland. YAY BEER!
55. Drink less beer. :P
56. save money.
57. stop buying shit that will fit "soon". weirdo.

umm wow, i better get crackin!


  1. Points that I can really feel you on here:

    14. stop taking everything so personally. its not always about me (wtf? its not?!?!)

    Then the marriage, kids and debt free. Don't we all, sista...

    Comfortable in my skin. I'm 50/50 on this. Either feeling fierce or severely uncomfortable.

    Contradictory, yes. No, I mean yes. I'm same way and it annoys me.

    Emotional? Honey, you're a chicky, right?

    52 - 55 are hilarious!!!

    57 - My closet is packed w/sizes varying from 2 - 10. I still think I'll fit back into the 2's. heh.

    Good list and danke for sharing.

    I'm too lazy to make my own. Oh yeah, I feel ya on #30 today.

  2. I love it!! It's funny as I am reading it I am thinking, what do I want to do??? There isn't much that came to mind because I think to live most days as though they are my last and that is bad in the $$$$ area!! ;) You should print this out and stick it on the fridge to remind you!!!