Monday, June 12, 2006

Dear man stepping on my head. . .

First of all,

WTF did I do to you?!?! I don't deserve this! I am a nice girl. I follow the rules. I stop when the light turns yellow, NO REALLY I DO (alright I lie, sometimes I do).

Why did you come around? I don't believe I sent out a formal invitation. I don't believe that I requested to be out of work for FOUR GODDAMN DAYS (though, to be technical, the first was a prescheduled vacation day--that I spent in bed. poo.) to sleep all the living day and be all congesty and coughing and EWW coughing up stuff! Which, btw, very sexy. thanks for that.

The dizziness, the no appetite (though, I will admit this was a bonus, I do feel lighter on my feet today!), the HEAD SO HEAVY that I feel like a newborn and can't keep it up. The constant cough drops, the constant water, gatorade, chicken soup. You have ruined my taste buds! Nothing tastes good! Nothing! The incessant low-grade fever. The friggin GUILT for calling in SICK three days in a row! The horrible feeling the entire time I was in the doctors office cuz gah! I wanna be back in bed now now now. The having the voice of a man (yeah baby!) for 5 days. you are all about the sexy, huh. The going through all the tissue boxes in the house! how the hell? The daytime LORD the daytime TV. Im glad I work days cuz...gah! and the cough. really? why was that necessary? as if the congestion and pressure, etc. werent enough.

Thankfully, you are finally leaving, albeit slowly, but I do feel the pressure subsiding. For which, I am forever grateful.

In the future please know, you aren't welcome here.

and also?

can you speed the leaving up already?


90% healed girl

oh, P.S. I HATE YOU.

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