Friday, October 27, 2006


So this morning I was visiting my daily blogs. It's a long list too. I'll make a list one day!* Anyway, so I get to my 5th one (yah, no I was serious, theres like at least 20 I read daily) and theres this talk of "Blopping" and I clickity click the link is blopping?!!?

and lo!

It's a friggin competition of sorts!

I loves me a good competition! Unless it involves running, cuz then...not so much.

Anyway, So I have entered myself in it.

wanna know what it is?

Tis NaBloPoMo a'course!

...hang on a sec, I just realized the depth of my geekyness.


did i mention that i also purchased this to help me in my endeavor?


k well nevermind then *cough*

that tshirt is pretty sweet though.


  1. Well that should be inspiration to help you write and I was wondering if you saw the tshirt. I need it!! I can't wait to see your book

  2. OMG, I would do this just for the coveted 'I fuck like a girl' Tee. OMG, I need one that says... wait, is this a family blog? Maybe I should just stop there and tell you guys in person what I'd want mine's to say. :-).

    I think I'll just try to keep this in mind and participate in spirit.

    (just realized at the bottom of your post, you mentioned the shirt. Heh... great minds?)