Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So umm... WTF?!?!

I leave pretty hot weather with sun and random rain storms for a week to go to the beach with fairly warm temperatures, the occasional appearance of the sun, and full on blissful relaxation.

I come back to crisp air, lows in the 40s, chilly mornings and the faintest scent of fall wafting by my nose...

Im sorry. Did I miss something? How can it be fall already?

Im seeing signs that Halloween is just on the horizon. (I also have yet to go into a store since my return, so it is not in my face). And obviously, Im completely ignoring the little Halloween carnival already in appearance at the nursery by my house. SLOW YOUR ROLL PEOPLE, IT ISN'T OCTOBER YET! DAMNIT!

My parents are already talking about Thanksgiving plans...

AND in like 3 days, its officially the last day of summer.

it's just so sad.

I feel like I somehow missed summer all together because I never really felt summer.

You know how summer feels....

hot, sweaty, lazy, mosquitoes, entire days spent at the pool, barbecue, sweet tea, the smell of cocoa butter, sunburn, "WOOOO! It's hot out there! Yeah! It's not the heat that gets you though, its the humidity," lemonade, ice cream, the smell of chlorine, relaxing, no school, carefree, summer evenings when its finally cool enough to sit on the sidewalk without burning your ass, trucker tan (ya know, where your left arm is darker than your right from the right side of your body being exposed to the sun while driving), midnight and its still like 80, freezer pops...

...well I could go on and on...

instead, I spent my summer days in a fucking cold office--though, I am always cold if its below like 75 so that's not a shock--living my own version of The Office, doing like work to make money to responsibly pay my adult bills and buy adult things like, ya know, groceries and kitty litter!

In an odd way, I feel like I just turned around for a second and my youth was secretly replaced with this imposter adulthood. When I turned back around and took my first taste, I scrunched up my nose with the bitterness and went "WTF is this!?!?!"

so so sad.

My summers have been this way for years now, why the sudden feeling of Adulthood?!

ya got me man, in fact its wiggin me out some.

someone hand me a bottle of banana boat before I go mental.

I also dread the end of summer because that means the beginning of fall which means winter is just around the fucking corner, waiting impatiently.

Tapping her icey blue fingers.

Eyeing me with her frigid stare.

I hate that bitch.

omg no seriously! I hate winter. haaaaaaaaaaate.

I hate winter coats, hats, gloves--all of which I avoid wearing at all costs. In fact, two of my coats are still in the closet at work from last friggin winter. I hate driving in ice, snow, sleet. (thank god I don't work for the postal service). I hate being cold. I hate the dry skin. I hate having to layer clothes cuz one friggin layer is never enough. Thermal Underwear!?!? omg don't get me started.

heh I act like I live in friggin Fargo, North Dakota or something (eh?!)

bah. I need to fly south for the winter. Who's with me!

Summer! Come back! I miss you already!


  1. There has to be one little thing you like about winter???

    ...warm cozy sweaters
    ...cocktails in front of the fireplace
    ...the absence of HUMIDITY

  2. ok ok ok.

    I do love the silence that comes with a snowfall.

    I love the smell of cider and cinammon and nutmeg.

    I love making christmas cookies.

    I love that fall/winter means that I get to make chili! I love chili!

    Christmas! Yes! Christmas!

    New Years and the new hope it brings.

    and with the holidays, brings spending quality time with family and friends, adding to my memory box.

    Is that better Jen? ;)

    I still dont like falling on my ass on the ice though. :P

  3. I love all the seasons and the special memories and things that come with them. I know I am such a nature girl. I think once you have kids you get to experience summer like you remember it as a kid. I can't wait to take the kids to the nursery by your house, I take them every year.

  4. Lovely.

    And yes, better. ;-)