Thursday, September 07, 2006

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

Well obviously, I had to take that shit down.

Theres honest and then theres ballsOutYouShouldntBePuttingThatShitOutForAllTheWorldToSeeYou
HormonalFemale honest.

heh, sorry if you missed it ;)


two days til vacation *hop*-didnt even need my fingers to figure that one out.

still not smoking *hop*

(to those who had the pleasure of reading that other post before i's like jekyll and hyde, no? Welcome to my world, kids.)

still not sleeping very well.

hmm... how about a list!

Things I am looking forward to on vacation:

  1. Being with BF sans laptop-- HA HA I make myself laugh. I still have hope he wont bring it though.

  2. Lazy days on beach or poolside talking about everything and nothing with my girls ;)

  3. Sunburn. I DONT CARE THAT THERES A TROPICAL DEPRESSION currently plotting its ruining of my vacation in the atlantic ocean! I AM GOING TO GET A SUNBURN DAMNIT *stomp*

  4. Sweet sweet notHavingAnythingToDoGoodness

  5. Not working for 6 Business Days *happy sigh

  6. Not having to wear pantyhose for said 6 Business Days--yeah whatever, I don't usually wear pantyhose anyway. Details..details..

  7. Grilled food every single night. Love grilled food

  8. beer!

  9. Wardrobe consisting of: shorts, tshirts, bathing suit. sweet.

  10. omg did i say no working for 6 business days?!?! woohoo


  1. I was wondering what happened, silly goose. I think it's good for you to get all that stuff out though, maybe just save as a draft for your own eyes. I am so jealous of your vacation, but I am counting down the day s to going camping, I can't freaking wait!!!! Oh, I saw the volly thingy at Target on clearance last night, go get it!!!

    yourjealousfriendthatwillmissyou MUCH!!!

  2. congrats on no smoking, one day I will get there too, one day.