Monday, December 01, 2008

The opposite of NaBloPoMo

For the past couple of years, I've been all, "I am joining NaBloPoMo! And I shall post everyday for 30 days, yes, yes I will!" and then I don't because. Well there's no reason.

So this year I decided to do the opposite and NOT post for 30 days. Actually 46 days. Hows THAT for sticking it to the man!

Uh, well, not really. I just didnt blog. For reasons unknown. But, let me tell you I wrote some doozies in my head. Hoooooo boy the funny that comes out of this mind sometimes, I tell ya. I remember none of it now, naturally. It was THAT important.

Anyway, so hi! How are you guys doing? I'm doing okie dokie I suppose. I'm losing weight (!) Kinda slowish, kinda not. Kinda cheating a lot so thats why it's slowish. Kinda not working out as much as I should. As a matter of fact, my jiggly ass is supposed to be in front of the TV sweating with Jillian as I sit here and type. This is sorta, vaguely, kinda not the same as working out. Don't split hairs with me, mister!

I'm kinda uninterested in work. I'm what you might call "burned out." Not that I dont have work to do because TRUST ME I've got a full plate over here. And its not that the work isnt challenging, I just... would much rather stare at the wall then do actual work. I fight this urge of course because I am supposedly this responsible adult and have like BILLS to pay. And I hear you can't draw a salary from staring at the wall. I did, however, take the last two weeks off of December. Those two weeks cannot come fast enough. I'm equally horrified and overjoyed that it is December already. Horrified because I gotta begin the tradition of racking my brain for the perfect gift for everyone--that which I usually fail at. Overjoyed, because T-W-O W-E-E-K-S O-F-F. GOD BLESS VACATION TIME.

Not that those two weeks are gonna be filled with lazy, as much as I would like them to. I've got family and work obligations, and the travel alone is mind boggling: I go to Virginia the 7th for a week for work, I leave the 12th. Come back to VA the 22nd, go to Southern Maryland the evening of the 25th, drive back home the 29th. THEN, I go BACK to Virginia, January 4th for a week. For Work. Can you hear me whining? Cuz I'm whining. LOUDLY.

See kids, this is what happens when you move to a state where neither relatives nor job headquarters resides. North Carolina still rules though so don't go getting any crazy ideas KegOfSunshine. I love you dude, but theres no way in hell im moving back. Nope.

Also, and don't faint now, I am sorta smoking again. I say sorta cuz it hasnt been everyday all day, its more like my moments of weakness are occurring more often than my moments of willpower. If you get my meaning. So *sigh* I bought a box of Nicorette yesterday, and a pack of cigarettes.

WHAT? Girl has to have one last hoorah.

Oh shutup.

And its winter now, which pisses me off. Cold and Ice and Snow and blah. Hate it. The upside is that coats, jackets, jeans and sweaters I could not wear last year, now fit. So there's that.

Well thats all very negative and bratty isnt it?

Ok, so on a positive note: IM LOSING WEIGHT PEOPLE! BF is the best man in the world, ever. EVER. Cats are all healthy and meowy. I got a new car! With NAV so I don't get lost anymore! Hardly ever anyway! I love our house! Im still not unpacked but so what! I bought Rockband 2! I haven't it yet though! And um, I think I actually like quilting!

Oh right, I didnt mention that. Yeah so, while in Colorado, I was in a quilt shop with BF's mom, sister and Aunt. I have been uninterested up to this point because the country quilts are ugly to me and I just don't like the designs. I am not a fan of kitties on my sweaters either, if you know what Im saying. But this store had like cool looking quilts. Cute Quilts even.

And so, I decided I would give it a whirl. If for nothing more than to have something to talk to BF's Mom about other than the weather, cats, and BF. BF's Mom got very excited about this, and gave me one of her sewing machines to use. I havent used a sewing machine since 8th grade Home Ec, but it's apparently just like riding a bike. Nevermind that I dont know how to ride a bike. Anyway, I signed up for a class here, and I am 85% done with my first quilt! And even though this beginner pattern is very much the type of thing that turned me off about quilts in the first place, DUDE I MADE SOMETHING! And yeah, the fabrics I picked suck ass too. But whatever. I MADE SOMETHING! I planned on making BF's mom a christmas quilt for christmas, but I am not done with this first quilt yet so it will have to be for her birthday. And then I remembered, oh yeah, her birthday is New Year's Eve. So yeah, her present is gonna be a leeetle late. heh.

K, I better go do something before my entire evening disappears on me.



  1. Congrats on losing weight and keeping on keeping on! Way to get a start on the holiday unhealthy season Sista!

    Jillian is kicking *my* ass on a regular now. I'm trying to do her 30 day shred e'ry day for a month (skipped some at Thanksgiving up on the ranch though :-/). Which one of her videos are you doing? Do you cuss and cry at her too while it's going on?

  2. I am doing the 30 Day Shred as well. This workout ain't no joke man. Im still on level 1 because Im scareddddddd to move to level 2. I tried the biggest loser workout II and it sucked so hard. God Bless Netflix though, so I didnt have to buy it. I hope she comes out with updated 30 day shreds. I love this video. Did you know that some people do more than one level in one workout? Are these people high? Dont tell me you do that.

    I've also got Turbo Jam, but that video makes me feel like an uncoordinated retard most of the time. I dont understand where I lost my coordination, I was in "dance" in high school AND took dance classes too for cripes sake!

    Though hmmm... maybe i sucked then too and just didnt know it.

    OH! Also I have Billy Blanks Bootcamp and Taebo from the 90's. VHS even!

    I cycle through it when I get bored with one, I love love love 30 Day shred and Mission 2 of Billy Blanks Bootcamp--ya know, when I do it. Perhaps I can mail ya a copy of these here videos?

  3. Yeah, no. I'm not quite ready to be able to do 2 levels of the shred in a row. I am really struggling with the squat/shoulder press moves so repetitively. Though, last night, after my 20 min workout, Sean popped in the P90X Ab ripper workout and I did that for about 14 min and just had to stop. I'm thinking that I'm ready to commit and just buy the DVD since I've also been just renting it from netflix. You made me remember that I missed the Tae Bo workouts. I'll have to queue that up in my Netflix as well or maybe just buy the DVD since I have it on VHS as well but of course no longer have a VHS so...

    I must look into this Turbo Jam you speak of. Hrmmm... Also, I'm thinking our DVD player won't play burnt DVD's so I can't even ask you to share some copies. Boo hiss.

    Keep on keeping on Sista! ((holding right fist up in the air))


  4. I bought 30 Day shred from DVD Empire for $11, not sure how much it goes for elsewhere but this seemed like a deal and a half:

    Also, I have two sets of the Turbo Jam. This is why unpacking is important haha. If you'd like I can mail it to ya's? Or give it to Harms and she can give it to you when you come up. (Did I hear you are coming for xmas???)

  5. I just ordered the 30 Day shred from Amazon for $7!!! Weeeee!

    So, this Turbo Jam... You love it? I just looked for it on Amazon and it has a group of happy looking folks in tight with jazz hands. If you think it's kick ass and worth a try, give it to the Blondie please and she can share. Knowing me and my workout video A.D.D. though, I'll probably use it for a bit and then get bored and seek some new thrilling workout, therefore, getting it back to you w/in a couple of months. cool? :-)

    Yep, Sean and I are coming up to VA for the holidays. Are you going to go up there?

  6. T bring the 30 day shred with you too, so we can try it together, arrrrrrrggggg!!!!! I have officially started my 20 min carido per smoke and I am not hardly smoking!!! Funny how that works. I am enjoying being back in the gym though!!!!!!!!:) YEAH to everyone being healthy and on track!!!!! Nunus, when you get bored of the Jams, then you just send it to me and I can use it til I get bored and we will pass it around like "Sister of the travelling pants" ;) YEA!!!!!!!!! We will be sisters of the healthy videos!!!!!!!!!


    Okay I am just gonna order the stinkin video too, $7 I can do that. Today is payday!