Monday, October 13, 2008

An Exercise in Optimism

Friends, September was an all-around shit month. However, taking a lesson from my lovely kegOfSunshine, I am trying to look at things as she would. She's got a sunny disposition in the face of every situation she has encountered since I've met her, and as a result is far happier than the average human. And me, I'd rather be happy than all pissy so we're gonna try things her way this time around.

Even though September is now in the past, and the dark clouds have moved along and the point of writing about this now is...well... moot. Talking to kegOfSunshine this weekend just brought it all home for me. And it's a reason to blog. So get comfy.

Saturday afternoon I am on the phone with kegOfSunshine and she is telling me how her car needs expensive repairs AGAIN and she cant afford it, and how she had to cancel today's plans because of some other stuff she was getting done to the car, etc. etc.

Now, If this was me talking, I'd be more uh hysterical, with tears streaming, all "OMG DUDE WTF AM I GONNA DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I AM DOOOOOOOOOMED. WAHHHHHHHHHH." Cursing the heavens, and other dramatics.

Instead, she seems...quite happy? about it? and says in the next breath, "At least, because of this I didnt take the girls to [the thing she had to cancel] and risk something bad happening while driving!"

I must be wired wrong cuz that silver-lining shit just doesn't enter my head.

I am used to her looking at the glass full in all situations, but it struck me this weekend that maybe I should try the same. Having just gone through a bout of bad luck, I thought it'd be a good exercise to reflect on some of those situations and look at them from a different perspective. Behold:

1. Colorado Vacation was extended due to BF's Grandmother passing in the wee hours of the morning the day we were supposed to fly out. We stayed 5 extra days, which incurred more flight fees, longer hotel stay which meant WAY HIGHER hotel bill, extending car rental, leaving my co-workers in a bit of a lurch cuz I was unavailable for these 5 days helping the family tend to funeral stuff and providing comfort where I could, falling off the goddamn diet I just started because we ran out of our meds.

Silver Lining: At least we were there, and everyone got to say goodbye. We all got to speak with her in some fashion before she let go. AND We were able to spend extended time with family, of whom we hardly ever see.

2. Cousin's kid caught a cold. Two days later BF's sister and I are down and out. 6 days later I am diagnosed with Bronchitis, possibly Walking Pneumonia. Awesome.

Silver Lining: I was able to spend some one on one time with the kids, and got to know them better now that they are no longer babies. I helped build a building! Out of Legos! I havent done that in forever! Legos rock.

3. Car breaks down while I am in Northern Virginia. Mother of Hell

Silver Lining: Friend helps us out, and fixes the car. Car still not running as it did, but it got me home! We'd been toying with the idea of getting a new car and selling this one. This whole debacle (it was a true debacle, but I havent the patience to go through the whole story) sent us over the edge. The weekend I got home, we went out looking and ended up making a purchase. Yay new car!

4. Was off diet for 3 weeks. )(*#$@#)(#$@#$!@#)

Silver Lining: Went in to restart once I was 100% better, was weighed and told I had lost 5 lbs of pure fat! I've been on for a week now and feel awesome, my clothes are already fitting better! First 3 days of the diet is pure hell, but I am on day 7! So no more hell! I get weighed tonight so I am not sure what the official result will be, but I think I've lost 7lbs! In a week! HOT DIGGITY!

So, kegOfSunshine: How's that for optimism?

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  1. That's GREAT!!!!!! Now didn't it feel good to find all the good things???!!! YES, whhhat, didn't it!! :) You know I have my Mom to thank for this crazy attitude of mone, always find the silver lining because since I can remember, even when I was real lil she would always say "Now tell me something good about that!" As a child I wanted to scream profanities but today I appreciate the lesson she taught me. And as a bonus it really does make life easier and the tough moments not so tough, or not as hard to get through. She also would remind me that sooooooooooooooooooooo many people out there always have it worse then me and the stuff I BITC*IN about is trivial in comparison. I am proud of you!!! Keep it up!! and THANKS for listening to me, you were the first person I unleashed on ;) love you