Monday, November 06, 2006

Day 6: Damn You Carlos! *shakes fist*

Before you go all "oohhhh she didnt post yesterday, ohmmm I'm telling.."

First, who ya gonna tell? WHO!?

Second, OMG! It wasn't my fault!

As you may have noticed, I have been posting in the evening time cuz well--IM DRAWING A FRIGGIN BLANK. *sob* the pressure of posting every day is really getting to me. It has to be a good post! a funny post! a meaningful post!

then I realized, why start now with the good/funny/meaningful shit?

So ok, I have been spending lots of time in bed due to this lovely cold/whatever I have. Which, this is also an excuse I have been using.

This, however, is not my current point!

I'm getting to it, shut-up.

So yesterday, we went to breakfast, I did some laundry and cleaned the kitchen cuz God forbid people help out other people when they arent feeling good (OEIFWE)*(R#)*($)#(*$#@$)(@#*$)--ahem, anyway.

Watched the Redskins win a game!

And then a little bit later, we get ready to leave cuz! It's time for Carlos Mencia at the Warner Theatre! As we are driving off to dc, it occurred to me that I hadn't yet posted for the day.

Me: oh no! I haven't posted yet for today!
Me: I want to say this outloud but I know the bf will make fun of me!
Me: okokokok, this thing is at 9, so we should totally be back by 11! definitely 11! I can post then! It'll be fineeeeeee.

We got back at 12:45AM.


and I blame Carlos cuz

  1. last time we checked the time it was 9:32 and the thing had.not.started.yet

  2. he had like 23904850395 people come on before him, which made me giggle a little. ya know the van with a million latinos? This is what I am envisioning the "Punisher Tour" is like.

  3. he was funny! so we stayed til the very end! the nerve of him!

  4. i'm old--alright that's not his fault. *sigh*

Can I get a by?

What about a "do-overs"?




  1. It's hard when the pressure is on huh!!!! I know, I was thinking about doing it, but I don't need anymore freakin' stress in my life!!

    Did your book come yet?

  2. yah, I got the book a couple of days ago.

    i didnt realize it was gonna require reading though *sigh*

    I shoulda ordered the cliff notes version, I'm too busy being lazy to read the full version ;)

    (I'm only half-kidding. I'll read it soon!)

  3. Well if you aren't going to read it, can I see it and skim it over!! ;) You got my curiosity going!!

  4. Im gonna read it ;)

    but yah, you can borrow it. :P