Monday, May 05, 2008

Where Mah Hairz At?!

Those of you who know me, know that I am fairly self-conscious (ahem) of the fact that my hair is thinning in the front of my head. The neuroses is (are?) mostly due to my mom forcibly pounding the front of her head with her forefinger and saying "Trishy! Your bald spot is showing!" Right there in the middle of dinner for my entire family to hear. At which point everyone's eyes focus squarely on my forehead.

I love her so.

And I know, I know. It's lame to blame things on your parents. But seriously? When the Woman is out in public with me and does the stomping on her head with her forefinger thing and talks through her teeth at me, after a while, a girl becomes really self-conscious.

But lately, I've been noticing it like a lot all on my own. The finger stomping is now in another state, so there's no one else to call it out to me. Except the mirrors. Sweet jesus, the mirrors! I see it So I talked to my hair stylist and she recommended I go see a dermatologist. I've gone to dermatologists before, and all they do is look at my scalp and go "hmm yeah looks like female something or other sucks to be you-itis" Whatever the word is for female genetic hair loss. I forget.

Here's the thing though. No woman in my family is losing their hair and the female elders of the family still have full heads of hair. Sure, on some its thin, but it's not like you can see their scalp or anything. The men are, however, a completely different story. I've heard it both ways. It comes from your dad's side. It comes from your mom's side. Blah Blah.

Point is: Females. Either Side. Full heads of hair!

So I thought I'd give it another go. So there I was. Sitting in the exam room I was. Thinking about just exactly I wanted to tell her, and oh! dont forget to tell her [whatever]!

BTW, I obsess. (surprise!) I obsess about making sure I tell the doctor everything. I invariably forget something. I've even started writing things down now so that I will remember. Hello, neuroticville, table for 1.

So this time I was writing on my iPhone on my little "notes" app. Think notepad only apple-ified, and thus WAY COOLER. NO! WAY COOLER I SAID! She walks in, and I drop the phone in my purse. And then immediately go blank.

She introduces herself and we shake hands, "So what can I help you with today"

I think for a moment ("durrrr..."), and then reach for my phone, the hamsters awake and I go (ding!) "Oh yeah, my hair is thinning in the front"

Anyway. This story is getting far longer than necessary.

So she made me go get bloodwork after the appointment. Her office called me this morning.

Guess who's anemic. Anemia, that which could lead to hair loss, fatigue, weight gain (caused by aforementioned fatigue), etc.


I swear to god, I've had bloodwork done before. Nobody mentioned anemia. Ever.

So I ran out to the store after work to get me some Iron, Vitamin C (better absorption of Iron), and Fiber supplements (cuz taking iron makes your bowels all none worky. oh fun)! Yay pills! Pills to fix me! Wheeee Pills!


I hope this works. I could use more hair on my head, more energy and a little less girth around the mid-section, thats fo sho!


  1. Has she lost her mind?
    Can she see or is she blind?
    Can she walk at all,
    Or if she moves will she fall?
    Is she alive or dead?
    Has she thoughts within her head?

  2. Iron Man Lives Again!

    Still hating you, btw ;)

  3. FYI - This is also a side effect of your beloved Yasmin! :(

  4. True, but it's the side effect of most hormonal birth control pills. Check this out. And it's not classified as a major side effect for Yasmin. I was on Depo-Provera for 5 years, towards the end is where I learned that hair loss is a major side effect. It's possible that I am still reeling from that, though I doubt it. Since the depo, I have made it my business to be more educated about my pill.

    So, not a Yasmin fan I take it?

  5. Yasmin was the cause of all the migraines I've had over the last year. The migraines were so bad I couldn't get out of bed on some days. I've decide to stop taking all hormones and let my body regroup (I was on for girly problems and not recreation :) ). I've gone through pretty much all types of the pill, so they don't have too many other options.

    I think I'm just going to suffer with the girl problems until I get into a serious relationship (so in other words when hell freezes over :) ) and I need to worry about it from a recreation stand point.

  6. Hmm, I take Yasmin as well (just for about 2 or so years now) and the worst side effect I've noticed is that my emotions are sick! Wah, Ha, Wah, Wee, Wah, fuckyoudienow, yay. (<-- all w/in a span of about 3.5 minutes even) Aside from that, I haven't noticed anything else in me personally. I've also had thinning hair and it's basically hereditary for me. Sean and I have decided that when I go the GI Jane route (it could happen), we'd shave our noggins at the same time and maybe even the kids. We can be like the Coneheads but, different.

    Erin, not for recreation? Yet your last comment was about dancing as a stripper hurting your feetsies. o_O Kidding of course. I personally am an avid proponent of recreational use of Yasmin. :-P

    ps - Iron Man rocked!

  7. OHHHHHHHHHHH you girls!!! I love you three!!! :) Make a me laugh first thing in the morning. I was thinkin of goin back on the pill, haven't been on it for YEARS!!! but can't until I quit smoking and not for recreation either, but cause my girly time is CRAZY!!! ;) I knwo all of us are but you know I think mine is the WORST!!!