Wednesday, December 06, 2006


So guess what? I'm getting old :(

I know I know we are all doing it, shush. I get that. It is just that I am just recently noticing the lovely tell tell signs and today is the icing on the cake. And I wanna whine about it *pout* I'm not all OMG! IMA FREAK THE HELL OUT NOW cuz...well I dunno why. But lets just go with it.

The said "tell tell signs":

  1. Like a year ago, I was looking in the mirror putting my hair up. When I was done, I turned my head from side to side like I do to admire my handywork (this shit takes talent people!) and a odd piece of light color hair type looking thing was sticking straight out of the side of my head (insert *booiinnnggg* sound effect here). So I was all WTF!?! and I tugged at it and leaned forward in the mirror and squinted and then my eyes widened with the realization that HOLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SHIT THATS A GRAY HAIR (p.s. grey/gray?). I then proceeded to redo the updo to hide this new revelation. Didn't work. That little punk sticks out every single time. I wear my hair down lots more often now.

  2. Kids of co-workers/fellow employees are now in college. COLLEGE!?!?! Holy Shit dude, these kids were in like middle school when I first met em. My bosses son? Yah. IN THE MILITARY NOW. holy crap. I remember riding in the car with her and her two boys were sitting in the back as we skated along I-81 one winter evening. I remember thinking how intelligent they were for being so young and so well behaved. THE MILITARY people! gah.

  3. "laugh lines" or whatever the hell you want to call them have now a permanent spot on my face. No. kidding. I noticed it the other day. When I watched myself go from smile to no smile, lines about the nose and mouth were still there. awesome.

  4. My hip pops when I get in and out of BF's acura. I dunno if thats a sign of old and crickety but it sure sounds like it to me.

  5. I NOW HAVE TO WEAR GLASSES 24/7. :( I used to wear glasses for the computer to reduce the headaches and the squinting and the smooshin my nose up to the monitor. A month or two ago I started noticing that I was having to squint to see street signs. Big Ass signs, billboards, whatever were B L U R R Y all of a sudden. So then I went to optometrist in nov and lo! I got a new prescription shock of all shocks. I went to day to get the lenses cut to my current frames (cuz im a cheap ass) and I am now having some issues with these "progressive lenses" Ya. thas right. I got trifocles! No need to be slow about the degrading eyesight, full speed ahead I always say! gah.

  6. Oh yeah, I turn 30 in months. MONTHS! Full Speed Ahead! Yar! (I missed talk like a pirate day, matey.)

On a side note, these progressive lenses are really screwing with me.

and also ... Oi. :(

addition to tell tell signs:

1. I see the chiropractor at least once a week. Make no mistake though, I love every second of it. *happy sigh*
2. I'M IN A BOWLING LEAGUE -- that just sounds old don't it? I now own BOWLING SHOES.
3. I recover from hangovers veeeeeeeeeeery slowly now.
4. Going to bed at 11:00 PM is late for me--though it is a common occurrence.
5. Waking up at 8am on saturday morning is also a common occurrence. I go back to sleep though cuz well CUZ I CAN!

Seriously, I feel like im looking through a fishbowl with these glasses. Apparently blinking aides in eyesight focus, because I am finding myself blinkling LOTS this afternoon.


  1. I wish I was old like you are. I've learned to SCRAPBOOK. How's that for old?

  2. I feel your pain. In every extra pound, every cracking knee, every tick of the biological clock.

    Getting older sucks.

    Imagine what we'll be like when we really have something to complain about.

  3. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Are you near sighted or far sighted?
    I just found out I need TRIFOCALS. I was wondering line or no line . Do you wear all the time ? How was the adjustment to trifocals.Do you know any other Young Bifocal?Tri wearers? Did anyone ever notice you had trifocals; Sorry for all the questions ,Just feeling old and needed some answers.

  4. Anon,

    umm I am the sighted where I need glasses to clearly see far stuff and also stuff thats right in front of me, like say at a computer. In general though, I can still get by without them. I mean, who needs to see shit clearly 24/7?!? heh

    Adjustment to the trifocals was a bit on the painful side. I had a massive headache for about a week and here and there for a week or two after. The first day or two was awful, I felt sorta nauseous the whole time. Do read that little shit they give you that explains how to use your trifocals cuz once I did that, I was all *lightbulb* well hey! that makes sense! and then it wasn't such a fight.

    I still cannot, however, drive with those suckers on. They screw with my periferal vision.

    Hope that helps ;)

  5. uh "little sheet" not little shit.


    and did i spell periferelakjfldkasjfaarel right?